Working Towards Sustainable Living

  • Expanding plant-based, carbon-neutral meals and ingredients in the menu.
  • Envisioning to become a fully carbon-neutral chain of restaurants by 2030.
  • Working with environmental champions, Sustenir and Phuture, to provide healthy meals for the masses and the environment.
  • Moving to online platforms and technology to significantly minimise paper wastage.
  • Partnership with AIESEC, including joining as a guest judge at the AIESEC in Sunway’s Clean Our Plate Project’s Winter 2021.

Giving Back to the Community

  • Donated Salad Atelier meals to frontline workers, refugees in Kuala Lumpur and Shopee riders to alleviate issues faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Donated face masks and PPE garments to medical professionals.
  • Worked closely with Yinson Holdings, Klook, Hotel Central Food Bank, Sunway Velocity Mall, AIESEC, Shopee, Kewpie and our communities.
  • Promoting and supporting local produce and horticulturists.

Reducing Carbon Emission

  • Initiated the idea of making low-carbon meals and healthy meals a synonymous concept.
  • 64% of our ingredients and 52% of our toppings are sourced by highland farmers.
  • Working with local producers and horticulturists to preserve the freshness of the ingredients by making ingredients go through as fewer processes between the farm and the plate.

Introducing Eco Packaging

  • Stopped offering plastic straws storewide in 2017.
  • Providing food-grade paper packaging and carrier bags for takeaways and deliveries.
  • Launched the RM1-off-the-bill initiative for customers who bring their food containers.