Our Management

Group Chairman’s Message

Malaysians have been making conscious efforts to become healthier despite living a busy lifestyle. MBFE saw an opportunity to introduce Malaysians to clean, healthy food that is delicious and affordable.

We began our journey with Salad Atelier in 2014 with outlets within Kuala Lumpur. More and more busy Malaysians took notice of our humble shops and told us they enjoyed a healthy, hearty meal.

Today, we have successfully opened 24 Salad Atelier outlets across Klang Valley, with more to come. We expanded our menu to replicate the familiar homemade taste with the freshest healthiest ingredients. We incorporate flavours and textures from all corners of the world into our repertoire to reach out to the local and expatriate communities.​

Salad Atelier remained our only child until the arrival of Lettuce & Rise and Med Mex in 2020, respectively.

Ever since the inception of MBFE, our desire to continuously instil healthy eating habits has now coupled with our new intentions to contribute toward sustainability and lowering carbon emissions.

We are working relentlessly to reach out to the community around us. Whether serving you at our restaurants or giving back to the community and the environment, they all come down to our responsibility to make the world a better and healthier place for all.

Team Members

Lee Tek Loong


See Yong Wei


Wendy Wong

General Manager
Operation & Marketing

Lee Tek Jeun

General Manager

Eugene Kung

General Manager
Business Development

Muhammad Ricky Lim

Head Chef - R&D / Production

Diana binti Abu Bakar

Operation Manager

Noorazuwa Binti Bakar

Operation Manager

Nor Shuhada binti Yahya

Financial Controller