Saving the future through foods with Salad Atelier x Phuture

Salad Atelier collaborates with Phuture Foods to bring you a new series, Meatless Menu, which introduces five new plant-based menu items:

From the top left, clockwise: Meatless Bibim Poke, No Gogi Kimchi Burger, Meatless Balls with Salad (or Nachos), Meatless Hearty Sandwich, Meatless Creamy Spices Spaghetti.

The menu items introduced in this series include:

  1. Meatless Creamy Spices Spaghetti (545 kcal)
  2. Meatless Bibim Poke (467 kcal) – ‘Bibim’ means ‘to mix’ in Korean.
  3. No Gogi Kimchi Burger (400 kcal) – ‘No Gogi’ is a Korean-English hybrid phrase which means ‘No Meat’.
  4. Meatless Hearty Sandwich
  5. Meatless Balls with Nachos
  6. Meatless Balls with Salad


With the introduction of the new series, Salad Atelier hopes to introduce plant-based meals to the masses and provide environmental-friendly and vegetarian-friendly meals.