MBFE’s Town hall brings about a wholesome get-together

Members of the MBFE family attend the company’s first town hall at Dusun Bonda, Batang Kali, on 9 November 2023, to share department-level reports for the fiscal year 2023-2024.

Dylan Lee, Director of MBFE Sdn Bhd, shares his insights into the state of the company at present and the projections for all brands.

The Business Development team reveals the next steps in MBFE’s ventures. More than 5 outlets are expected to open in the next fiscal year, starting March 2024.

MBFE’s in-house Creative team has shared the progress of changing the offline and online brand identity which is expected to be completed 2024.

On the second day, the MBFE family play fun teambuilding games to test their teamwork, physical and mental abilities.

In the afternoon, MBFE visits to Asrama Kasih YBK, a hostel that houses underprivileged students in Selangor. The Townhall committee has graciously prepared and gifted groceries and ingredients for the hostel.
The Committee also organised several games involving the students, such as Pictionary and Tick-Tac-Toe. A student of Asrama Kasih YBK performed a woodwind version of hits songs. The town hall adjourns at 4:30 p.m. on 10 November 2023.