Celebrate Super Summer with three new menus by Salad Atelier x Sustenir

Kale Chicken Salad

Kale Chicken Salad is a colourful, healthy roasted chicken salad that sits atop a bed of crunchy Sustenir kales harvested daily, drizzled with roasted sesame dressing, a tangy complementary to the energising freshness of the kale.

This menu is perfect for everyone looking to feel energised throughout the day and ideal for those looking to build muscle mass.

Other ingredients include avocado, red capsicum, almond flakes and sweet corn.

Sawadee Thai Salad

The Sawadee Thai Salad evokes the feeling of being in the midlands and the coastlines of Thailand, thanks to the sweet and spicy dressing with authentic Thai notes.

This menu is served with purple cabbage, egg, cubed mangoes, crushed peanuts and tangy lemongrass chicken.

Sustenir’s kale becomes the menu’s highlight as the zesty-meets-sweet-and-spicy taste comes into play. The kales are flavourful and refreshing and leave no bitter aftertaste — best for both kale newbies and veterans.

Smoked Duck Aglio Olio

The Smoked Duck is the extension of our popular menu, the Chicken Aglio Olio, now elevated by smoked duck slices and Sustenir’s kale doused in aromatic olive oil and soy sauce.

It is complete with black olives, sprinkles of oregano and chopped cherry tomatoes for sweetness that balances the smokiness of the dish.

Sustenir’s kales are clean and locally grown with zero pesticides and insecticides; it is safe and nutritious to consume as it is or cooked.

Kick off your kale obsession with Lil Salads series

We launched our Lil Salads series in June 2022, which includes the Popping Kale Salad, Summer Avo Salad, and the bestseller of the series, the Mini Steak.

Lil Salads’ concept — eat healthily on the go — is emphasised by delicious ingredients and Sustenir’s kales which are high in nutrients, iron, and vitamin C. Sustenir’s kales also possess antioxidant qualities help to offset dangerous non-communicable diseases.

Check out our Lil Salads series which, with Sustenir’s kale as the highlight:

Eligibility for MyChoice certification from the Ministry of Health Malaysia

As part of a 10-year initiative, The Ministry of Health Malaysia’s Nutrition Division has introduced the MyChoice logo to encourage Malaysians to favour low calorie, low sodium, healthier choice for their daily meals.

As we stay true to our mission to encourage healthy eating, fifteen of Salad Atelier’s menu items have been certified and awarded the MyChoice logo in 2021. This time, we are nominating two of the new Super Summer menus for the MyChoice certification.

Start ordering our Super Summer menu and Lil Salads at Salad Atelier locations around Klang Valley, through Salad Atelier’s Oddle page, or via major food delivery apps: GrabFood, ShopeeFood and FoodPanda.